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SteviaSugar Corporation(M) Sdn Bhd

SteviaSugar Corporation Sdn Bhd

SteviaSugar™ Corporation(M) Sdn Bhd is a company specialized in growing, harvesting, extracting, and refining of Stevia Rebaudiana miraculous sweet plant into fine non-calorific natural sweetener namely Rebaudioside-A ( StebianA Stevia).

Besides producing Rebaudioside-A ( StebianA Stevia) as non-calorific natural sweetener for food beverage and pharmaceutical industries, our company is dedicated to produce a whole range of stevia-based products namely:

StebianA Stevia
The highest purity, non-bitter stevia extract for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries (Rebaudioside-A)

SureVia Stevia

Health and beauty products for consumer made from stevia extract
GreenVia Stevia
Stevia leaf , Stevia green poweder and Stevia plants
NaturVia Stevia
Natural ingredients for food and pharmaceutical industries

Our company founder, Dr. Irfan Unal, one of the pioneer of Stevia in Malaysia has been extensively doing research on natural sweetening plants, especially on Stevia over the last decade. Through his in-depth reseach our company has managed to breed a special hybrid Stevia plant which yield higher percentage of Rebaudioside-A (StebianA Stevia).

We have also developed the unique water based Stevia purification system which has enabled us to produce the highest purity of Rebaudioside-A (StebianA Stevia) which is the best tasting stevia extract in the market.