About Stevia

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Stevia?
Stevia, Rabaudiana Bertoni is a plant of Chrysanthemum plant family originated from Paraguay which its leaves have been used as a sweetener more than thousand of years by Guarani Indians. The natural sweet components of Stevia leaves are Stevioside (glycosides) and Rebaudioside-A (StebianA Stevia ) which sweetness are more than 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia has zero calories,non-toxic, zero carbohydrates and is beneficial for diabetes, obesity, hypertension, dental cavities,hypo-and hyperglycemia and natural, healthy alternative sugar and chemical sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharine.

What is Stebiana REB98TM?
The highest purity, non bitter Stevia extract for food, beverage & pharmaceutical industries  (Rebaudioside A-98) develop by SteviaSugar™ Corporation. 
StebianA REB98TM is more than 350 times sweeter  than sugar and is genuine non calorific natural sweetener as healthy alternative to sugar and other chemical based sweetener. StebianA REB98TM is the sweetest and less bitter  component of our  special  bred Stevia plant's leaves which extracted by using the most advanced water purification and resin filtration technologies.

What is the SureViaTM ?
SureViaTM  is a calorie -free natural sweetener  derived from extract of  special bred Stevia plant.

What  are the  other ingredients of SureViaTM Stevia  natural sweetener?
It is also blended with other natural ingredients : Erythritol which is a natural sweetener and  is also  found in fruits like pears, melons and  grapes. Erythritol is produced by a natural femertation process. Cellulose powder is  a natural fiber which produced from plants fiber. Natural flavors are to compliment the clean taste of SureViaTM.

What  is the sweetness of the SureViaTM  Stevia  natural sweetener?  
Sweetness of one sachet or one teaspoon of SureViaTM is equal  to  2 teaspoon of sugar.

What are the health  benefits of SureViaTM  Stevia  natural sweetener?
All clinical studies  on people with diabetes proven that Stevia extract and Erythritol can be  safely used by diabetic. SureViaTM as  a calorie-free  natural  sweetener can help weight concius  people to reduce calories in their food and beverages. SureViaTM Stevia natural sweetener does  not  cause tooth decay because nature of Stevia and Erythritol  are non-cariogenic.  It can be used safely by anyone and children.

Can SureViaTMStevia natural sweetener be used in cooking and baking?
SureViaTM Stevia natural sweetener is easily be used in baking and cooking . You will find many recipes  with SureViaTMStevia natural sweetener. It is  very stable in heat and has excellent solubility in beverages.