StebianA™ Stevia Bun


Stevia Bun Hiestand Swiss Gourmet Bakery
Hiestand bakery is a leading international producer of deep-frozen and convenience bakery goods. They offer high quality, innovative bakery goods in many categories, such as: croissants, bread, rolls, pastries, snacks, pretzels. They only use natural ingredients to obtain their quality and excellent taste products. They take your orders and deliver through-out Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak. Hiestand has excellent reputation for being able to deliver goods within 24 hours.
Stevia Bun Hiestand + StebianA™ Stevia Bun Products
Hiestand now improved their excellent taste products by using GreenVia™ StebianA™ Stevia in their basic bun recipe. They only use natural ingredients in this recipe including GreenVia™ StebianA™ Stevia. The bun become sweet, soft, more tastier and healthier.
Stevia Bun
  Customer who wants to order this product for functions or events can call SteviaSugar Corporation Sdn Bhd or contact directly to Hiestand Bakery. (
  * Order must be 1 week in advanced