About Us

Our Technology


Our Company, SteviaSugar™ Corporation(M) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia have been researching for long years to produce Stevioside and Rebaudioside-A (StebianA Stevia) and many other Stevia related products through the best environment friendly technology.

We are using the most advanced water based Stevia extraction and purification technology to produce the best quality and highest purity Rebaudioside-A (StebianA Stevia) from our special bred Stevia plants have been growen and the best leaves selected carefully. The main steps of our unique, proprietary Stevia refining proses are: 

-Water Extraction 
-Fine Mesh Filtration 
-Organic Filtration by resins 
-Spray Drying

We are not using any enzymes in our process to adjust the flavor, color and appearance of Stevia extract or any other chemicals to modify Glycosides of Stevia. Through organic filtration by resins in our refining process we are able to remove all of the bitter taste of Steviosides and produce the purest Rebaudioside-A (StebianA Stevia) which is the superb taste in the world market.