About Stevia

StebianA Stevia

 StebianA MRA98

SteviaSugar™ Corporation(M) Sdn Bhd has succesfully developed the highest purity, non bitter Stevia extract for food, beverage & pharmaceutical industries  (Rebaudioside A-98) . We named the extract asStebianA Stevia and it is more than 350 times sweeter  than sugar and is genuine non calorific natural sweetener as healthy alternative to sugar and other chemical based sweetener.

StebianA Stevia is the sweetest and less bitter  component of our  special  bred Stevia plant's leaves which extracted by using the most advanced water purification and resin filtration technologies.

Some characteristics of our extract StebianA Stevia:
-All natural
-Healthy & Safe ,Suitable for diabetics & Patients with cardiogenic 
-Clear sweet taste, no bitternes & aftertaste
-Maximum heat and pH stability
-Easy use with other natural sweetener, Synergism effect to enhance taste.