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SureViaTM : Naturally Pure and Healthy Sweetener

SureVia Stevia


Introducing SureVia™ Stevia Sachet: The Natural Sweetener for Consumer

Sweet tasting, all natural alternative to sugar is here!. Use SureVia™ like normal table sugar: be it cooking dishes, drinks, baking or even marinating. It tastes better than sugar with a great advantage: its healthy!

  • All Natural Ingredients, no chemicals nor genetic modification
  • Zero Calories
  • StebianA Stevia extract (the purest StebianA Stevia extract, Rebaudioside A)
  • Super taste, no bitter aftertaste
  • Certified Halal Product
  • Very suitable for diabetics, vegetarians, weight-concious individuals and sugar-prone patients

SureVia™ is our flagship product which essentially is a calorie -free natural sweetener derived from extract of special bred Stevia plant. The main sweetening ingredient of SureVia™ is StebianA Stevia which is the highest sweetest element of the plant.

While stevia alone is too sweet, SureVia™ has made it accessible to everyone and provides practical usage. Sweetness of one sachet of SureVia or one teaspoon of SureVia™ powder is equal to two teaspoon of sugar. 

SureVia™ comes in easy consumable sachet packaging and is available in two pack sizes:

  • 50 sachets (50g)
    Each sachet of SureVia™ sweetens like two teaspoon of sugar.

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